The Honda CR-X, More Than A Civic

For the Honda enthusiast it may be hard to believe that the last CR-X rolled off the production line around 25 years ago ending a brief 8 year manufacturing period. Of course it was in fact a typical Civic with what some would call a fastback in order to give it a sporty look that was reminiscent of the 1980’s. Continue reading “The Honda CR-X, More Than A Civic”

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Give The Fiat Multipla A Bit More Respect

the original 66 multipla from middle 1950s

The first glimpse of the Fiat Multipla happened somewhere in late 1998 as the Italian powerhouse looked at delivering a family car that was as practical as possible. It gained much praise with its then innovative design ideas within. It assisted in the myth that the most popular cars are those that do the job the best. Even the most modest of us want a vehicle that looks good and unfortunately, this was probably its Achilles heel. But the 1998 Multipla was not the first Fiat to bear its name.

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Children Being Transported In Cambridge Without Seat Belts

We all probably know some driver who states he can’t drive with a seatbelts and restricts their driving. But astonishing figures has arisen from Cambridge where the police have fined over 8500 motorists since 21012 for not wearing their seat belts. But even more worrying is the 475 children who were not wearing suitable seatbelts.

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Better Control Of Write Offs Is Asked For

There are many who still think how we record cash damaged cars is still insufficient and encourages cheap repairs that are unsafe. Frank Harvey who is head of NAoB, suggests a National Register should be set up and a specific code of practice put into force.  All crashed vehicles are categorised based on the cost to repair by insurance companies rather than a rating by a safety professional Continue reading “Better Control Of Write Offs Is Asked For”

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Major Components Of Grease

The process of making a grease product includes the decision of which components to choose from. The fundamental components are three but there are further subdivisions of those three components which can alter the overall property of the grease. Continue reading “Major Components Of Grease”

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The History Of Oil

Energy is one of the biggest resource commodities we know of. We have gone through many transitions in order to obtain energy – from wood to whale oil to coal to finally, oil. So although we all rely on oil on a daily basis, how did we get oil in the first place? Continue reading “The History Of Oil”

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