A huge Amount Of Write Off Cars

Yesterday (5th September) saw an event that will be keeping local breaker yards in Kent happy as a huge series of collisions on Sheppey crossing. It was like a scene from Die Hard 5 where reports say over 100 cars were involved, due to fog and probably driving too fast. It all start around 7.15 am, then lasted continuously for 10 mins after the first shunt, it is believed a lorry driving blocked the road to prevent further shunts occurring.


It was a miracle that no one was killed, although it is believed that 8 or so victims were seriously hurt. the TV pictures shows lines of write off cars squeezed and under lorries and into the barriers, it looked like the vehicles at the beginning of the accident saw the hardest damage, with front ends totally caved in and some vehicles have had their roofs cut off by emergency services. A key scene to remember was that of a transporter with a series of new models strapped to its back.


In order to logically understand the accident, the police were forced to spray numbers on the vehicle, to relate them to photographs and other evidence, although at this time they were still trying to establish the true reason for the accident starting. The police did a great job of clearing the road and by early afternoon traffic was able to start moving across the bridge using one lane.
It is very likely that the local scrap and salvage yards were busy, with cars being delivered there ready for the difficult insurance assessments that will be happening over the next few months.
The debate is now starting to whether the road layout and lack of signage played a part in the accident, or whether it was just down to driving too fast on to a bridge where at that time, fog was reducing visibility. There is no doubt by the reaction of the victims, that many feel lucky to be alive and found it very distressing hearing the continuous noise of vehicles skidding into each other for over 10 minutes.

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