A Motor Skills Shortage in The North East.

There was a time when a job was a job but employers expect so much now so they can pass quality and good value on to their customers, that a higher level of skill is required. This has meant a skills shortage, something the North East Automotive Alliance is trying to overcome.
It has put together a group to identify what skills are in shortage throughout the motor trade including Nissan in Sunderland and then they intend to work with training providers to satisfy those skills. It is expected around 10,000 new employees will be needed in the next 10 years not including the retiring 8500 or so. So it make sense to bring young local workers up to standard rather than buying them in from abroad.

It May Be More About Engineering Than Manufacturing

The article published in the evening Chronicle it stated that we weren’t giving enough attention to engineering skills unlike our competitors around the work.
What isn’t clear though to far the training would go. It appeared to be focused only on the manufacturing of vehicles and not with the retail or disposal of them. It is true, this may be where the skills gap is, but that suggestion was not made if clear.

Does Training extend To Other Parts Of The Motor Trade

So does the breakers yard who is a Sunderland scrap car dealer have access to the right talent who deal with the disposal of vehicles in a safe and environmentally correct fashion. How much training does this take and can be done at university before gaining a job or is it only done when employed?
With manufacturers having legal commitments that the majority of a vehicle can be recycled it would make sense for this training to be available even during the engineering stage or design.

Lets Boost The Economy

As far as boosting the North East, this is definitely good news. To have the right talent on site, is always something big brands want before making the huge investment to build a factory to at least to introduce new models and increase manufacturing numbers.

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