Children Being Transported In Cambridge Without Seat Belts

We all probably know some driver who states he can’t drive with a seatbelts and restricts their driving. But astonishing figures has arisen from Cambridge where the police have fined over 8500 motorists since 21012 for not wearing their seat belts. But even more worrying is the 475 children who were not wearing suitable seatbelts.

The selfish argument is that it is their lives and no one can tell them what to do, but when it is the life of a child, then the seriousness goes up several levels. There is of course the cost of dealing with the horrific injuries that occur when a face hits the glass windscreen, not to mention the grief of the remaining family who have to deal with the recovery or worse, a death.

The article published in the “Cambridge News“, goes on to tell of the story of someone travelling at 150mph with 4 very young children and none were strapped in. The police were only able to catch up when the car came into traffic and had to slow down, of course he was convicted and sent to jail. This was a happy ending to the consequences of what could have occurred.

The news is riddled with examples of just that, where drivers have ridden their luck for too long and have had fatal injuries, that could have been survivable had they been strapped in. Of course this article or any other will never convince those who are determined to drive un restricted. Many belts work with airbag activation, and even with a small shunt can be expensive to replace especially as the ECU normally needs to be replaced or re-programmed. But the price of even a scrap car is nothing to the loss of life and grief and tax payers expenses when the worst does occur.

This was reported in Cambridge but we all know this is not a regional issue. Multiplied across the country and we end up with many children in danger everyday and even adults who should have more sense, at risk of destroying the happiness of their parents wives or even children when that policemen turns up and tells them, that because of not using a seatbelt their loved one has died.

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