Ford Cars Are The Least Expensive To Repair

According to a recent survey, Fords are the cheapest cars to get fixed with an average repair cost of approximately £220. Coming in a close second is Suzuki with a cost of £230 for each repair, then third in line came Peugeot with an approximate average repair cost of £250. Fourth place went to Fiat with an average cost of £260 and fifth, with a slightly higher average repair price of £261, came Skoda. Some way down the line in sixth and seventh positions came Smart, with an average repair cost of £268 and Hyundai just behind with an average cost of approximately £269. Vauxhall came in eighth position in the expenses to repair rankings .
Reliable Brands
Although it doesn’t cost too much to have a Ford repaired, the survey revealed that other marques are more trustworthy. The most reliable manufacturer turned out to be Honda, with a very impressive reliability score of 30.75. The survey used a Reliability Index to score each manufacturer, which was based on several factors such as the frequency of faults occurring and the average repair cost. The average score on the index is 100. Ford scored a very decent 53.64 and was in fourth place on the list.
Second position went to Suzuki, which scored 37.67 and third place to Toyota with 53.27. Fifth went to Kia (59.75) and Mazda was sixth (63.50). Mitsubishi came in seventh (63.67) while eighth place went to Subaru scoring 66.25.
The Least Reliable Brands
The survey gave Land Rover the worst score on the reliability index, a hefty 191.25, a score only marginally bettered by Porsche, which scored 187.50. Other poor performers in this category included Jaguar, Jeep, Mercedes Benz and Alfa Romeo.
Reliable Models
The survey revealed the most reliable single car as the Kia Picanto, with an impressively low score on the index of just 3.00. Close behind the Picanto was the Vauxhall Agila, scoring just 5.00, itself followed very closely by the HR-V which scored only 6.00.
The Suzuki Alto was given exactly the same rating. In fifth place is the highest placed Ford Car, the ever reliable Ford Fiesta with a score of 13.00 and sixth place was taken by the Toyota Corolla (14.00). Seventh is taken by Suzuki’s Ignis, which scored 15.00 and eighth place by the Volvo S40 with a score of 16.00. Bear in mind though that the average on the index is 100 so all of these scores are extremely impressive.

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