How UEM Viro Deals With End Of Life Cars In Malaysia

It’s is not just European laws that are strict with the end of life process required to recycle and deal with car waste and scrap, Malaysia is also playing its part. The UEM plant has a video that shows the very strict process required.

It starts like this

1/ The Vehicle identification numbers are checked to ensure owner ship,
2/ Battery tyres and wheels, any parts containing mercury are removed
It Then moves to what they call the “Depollution Rig”
1/ Draining oil and removing filter
2/ Removal of transmission and differential oil
3/ Fuel drained from Tank
4/ Coolant drained from radiator
5. Brake fluid from system
6/ Catalyst, shock absorber and suspension fluids
7/ Degas air conditioning.
8/ Clutch fluid from reservoir
9/ Power Steering reservoir
10/ Washer bottle and all other fluids
Each different fluid goes into a different storage tank to de disposed of safely as per regulations.
The Car can start to be dismantled now starting
1/ Aibags, from all areas of vehicles
2/ Radiators and fans and compressors
3/ Brake Pumps
4/ Suspension components
5/ Starter motor and alternator
6/ gearbox and engine complete
7, Dashboards, seats and plastic trims and carpets.

Now the scrapping Process Can Begin

1/ The Chassis or body is cut into several pieces, before being sent to refinery
2/ Each component is categorized into whether it can be re-sold in the breaker yard market or if it needs to be recycled. Many parts with fluid will be disposed of safely.
A very stringent process is in place to endure that all vehicles can be de-registered correctly and most of the vehicle can be reused in some way.

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