What Is The Limit Again? 12? Hmm There’s 45 on My Licence!

That is a question 7,293 UK drivers with more than 12 points on their licence never asked themselves.

But also the courts didn’t, as they didn’t disqualify those drivers that are a danger on our roads. Most of those points were accumulated for speeding and failing to declare the driver of the vehicle. The list is long and various, with the previous highest score being 42 until a man from Liverpool hit 45 in the last few months.

The maximum number of points that are allowed on a licence is 12 over a period of three years; after this threshold you normally get disqualified from driving for a certain amount of time and you’re given a fine. It is true that courts can decide whether to disqualify or not someone from driving in particular situations where doing it could cause losing the job or the ability to care for someone that needs it. A fine is still enforced, but it seems obvious that it’s not a good punishment enough if there is people with that many points. The topic is serious and deserves all the attention of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), but we can take it lightly and build a top 5 of those who collected so many points and fines:

  • In the first place comes a man from Liverpool, with (drum roll please) 45 POINTS!
  • In the second place, with 36 POINTS comes a man from Warrington that drove without insurance.
  • Third place is for a woman from Lincoln that failed to declare who was driving and speeding, 34 POINTS.
  • 31 POINTS and a fourth place go to a woman living in Hull for speeding and failing to declare the driver of the vehicle.
  • And finally the fifth place, shared by five men living in: Doncaster, Dagenham, Westcliff-on-Sea, Colchester and Brighouse with a total of 30 POINTS each.

There has obviously been a malfunctioning in the communication between the agency and the courts, as it seems impossible that people with that many points could be benefitting from that exception that is “discretion of the magistrates” as a spokesman said. It isn’t the first time this happens, with a record at 39 points in 2011 and another with 42 points in 2013. What is shocking is that in January 2011 there was a total of 451 people driving around with more than 12 points, now there’s 7,293!

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