Don’t Forget the Wheels Before Scrapping

your alloy wheels could be valuable

It has become more and more common for new vehicles to be bought with alloy or some sort of expensive wheels now, rather than just the accessories they were say 10 years ago. Good looking wheels are now common place and even when not bought as new often have been added some time in the vehicles life.

Consider The Costs

A consideration to think of before scrapping your motor using the Sell Your Old Car service or even if you end up driving it down to the local scrap yard, is how much are these wheels actually worth on their own?
Ok, well here is the bad news. Even if there is some worth to them, you would still need to buy a replacement set of steel wheels, and then get all 4 tyres switched over to the new rims. There also could a cost to selling those good wheels. So when you get you get you calculator out, there may not be any extra money in it. So let’s look at the costs.
On Ebay, steel rims (average sizes; tend to sell for around £10 each second hand but in reasonable condition, assuming they can be collected. If all wheels are swapped over together a cost of around £5 to £10 per wheel is likely to be charged. So as it stands best case scenario is a cost of £60. IN short if your alloy wheels are old and scuffed and only worth £60 on the resale market, there is nothing gained. This could be true with older hatchbacks like Vauxhall Astra’s, Ford Fiesta’s and the like.

When It Could Make Sense

But if you are scrapping a newer model or something like an old BMW or Mercedes, then these figures start to make a bit more sense. Most good condition sets of alloy wheels will sell for £100 and more and of course the really good ones can go for many times that value. It is in these situations that it is worth considering selling then separately from the vehicle as it is unlikely that any scrap yard will give you the full re-sell able value of the wheels, within the overall offer for the car.

Researching The Value Of Your wheels

How much they cost new against how much they are worth now are two separate things. Supply and demand is as much of a factor here than any other product. Again; if we mention a very popular hatchback such as the Vauxhall Astra. There is a huge amount of parts available for these models including alloy wheels that were manufactured in huge numbers. The nature of the alloy means they do not rust and if are looked after will last longer than steel wheels, which can rust and distort. So even if these wheels were very expensive when bought new the shear amount of them available in the second hand market, can drive prices down.
On the other end of the argument, certain other makes may have produced cheaper wheels, but because they were never made in any quantity are much harder to find and therefore attract a high price.
So the best way to understand the true value is to keep an eye on “Gumtree” adverts and “Ebay” postings. But identify where they are selling, rather than looking at ambitious sellers, trying and hoping for more money. This is the best way to come to an honest opinion on the true value of your wheels.

making Sure Your Wheels Are Clean

It might seem an obvious point, but so many people ignore this, as they think a car that is destined for scrap does not need to look good, make sure they are clean even if they stay with vehicle, it may increase its overall value offered.

At this point, you can make the final decision to whether the wheels are just left with the car, or are sold separately.

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