When Your Car Has Died It Still Has Value

Don’t take my work for it, Road and Track say just that and John Cangany, Sustainability Communications Manager for Ford says a car is the most recyclable consumer product. there should be no surprise as by law in Europe over 90% of every new car has to be recycled, whether re-selling for used parts or crushing the metal bodywork to make washing machines or even another vehicle.

Prices for parts are not as static as it may seem, different models have different demands at certain times in their lifespan. For example older airbags in the USA can go as cheap as $38, where heavy carpets over $100. Here in the UK, airbags are rarely that cheap, but carpets are.
But the main point of the article by Road and Track is that sometimes vehicle are worth more scrapped even when they are still o the road as a driver, because of that individual demand for certain parts, rather than for the whole vehicle itself.

There are some that have worried that when they have presented their old car to the scrap yard, that it may end up back on the road. why this is a concern, only a few know why, as I hate scrapping vehicles and saying goodbye. But those should not worry as it is very rare that vehicle s are worth more after the cost of fixing them up and putting them through an MOT test, than stripping them down to sell the parts within.

Even with salvage projects, we know there are many who buy a crashed vehicle and put them back on the road, but when the true cost of repair is calculated, only those with access to lost cost parts, programming equipment and specialist tools come out ahead.
So most vehicles die in style, where they allow other cars to live a longer stress free life, until they help the next generation of vehicles.

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